I met Karen at a time in my life when I was down and out and feeling hopeless. I was addicted to sugar, embarrassed of my weight, and sleeping restlessly. With her knowledge, and patience, Karen taught me to self-love again. Yes my goals of eating healthier and losing weight were achieved, but it was the process of learning to identify what I’m “really” hungry for and taking care of myself that was an unexpected bonus from working with Karen. It’s about more than just eating with intelligence, and if you work with Karen you’ll be exposed to all those strategies in a safe environment. Her personal experience allows her to empathetically support you along your journey. You’re worth it!
— G. K., East Bay, CA

Some people walk into your life for a reason, and I can say that Karen is that person for me. I have never met someone so compassionate and empathetic in my entire life. We have been in each other’s lives for years, but I was able to see her true colors shine when we worked together. She radiates positivity and allowed me to find my own inner strength in ways that I didn’t even think were possible. She believed in me before I had the power to believe in myself. Through one-on-one calls, group meetings, and more, Karen kick-started my journey, as I have continued to successfully align my mental and physical health. She is a gift and deserves all of the recognition today, tomorrow, and for many more years to come. She will always have a place in my heart, and I will forever be grateful for her opening the doors to my new, optimistic normal.
— Anonymous, age 24

Karen is motivational in a very meaningful way. She has a unique way of speaking and connecting with her audiences leaving us refreshed and inspired to be our best selves. She always comes prepared and has endless knowledge and information to share, she delivers it in such a pleasant way. She builds trust immediately by making sure there’s a comfortable environment and by using her non-judgmental style. You walk away from her workshops energized from her positive message of accessibility of whole life wellness for us all.
— East Bay Non-Profit Organization

I have known Karen Rice for over 10 years. I knew her as a mom, wife, and social activist. I watched Karen transition back into the corporate world and take it over. Her passions were always yoga, nutrition, coaching, and inspiring people. What I respect most about Karen is that she has always practiced what she preaches. When Karen grew weary of the corporate grind and commute, she simultaneously studied her passions. She is now a certified mind-body nutritionist and yogi master; she is a dynamic motivational speaker too. She has gone above and beyond to work with and coach my daughter from both a nutrition aspect as well as with her emotion based needs. We are forever grateful for Karen Rice. She will change your life forever.
— Ileane, Tri-Valley, CA