5 Ways to Make this the Best Holiday Season for YOU!

It can happen to us all. We become overwrought during the holiday season with our own long lists along with the expectations from external influencers and the cultural environment on the whole.

Escape the holiday crazies by being kind to you and for you. Make this a truly celebratory time. Here are 5 suggestions to keep in mind as we plunge into the holiday season:

  1. Self-Care Daily: Each day incorporate a gift of self-care for you. Try a 5 minute meditation, quick bath, 10 minute walk, cup of tea, or a movie date – with yourself!

  2. Set a Reasonable, Loving Goal: Make your top goal to maintain your wellness rather than starting some restrictive eating program or other limiting health program. (Strive to look and feel as good as you do today on New Year’s Day!)

  3. Savor the ‘Treats’:  When you have the holiday goodies, no matter the type of treat, allow yourself to have the treat when the opportunities arise. This way you avoid deprivation which leads to…need I say..The Binge.

  4. DO NOT Beat Yourself Up: When you allow yourself the treat(s) there is no joy and likely no taste or fun in it if you are berating yourself for indulging. (Note: This is not an excuse for overindulgence.)

  5. Remember: Your presence is the greatest present of all. If you feel you are distracted or your internal negative voice fires up, acknowledge it, then use breath work to find grounding, calm and the ability to be present. (Try the 4x4 breath technique, so easy and so handy.)

These five simple tips can bring more joy to your holidays and well beyond.

So I stand with you, urging you to gift yourself first. This will free you to be the amazing gift you are to all others. You have so very much to share. Your presence is the truest and most valuable present you can offer.

Savor the Season – Happy Merry!

Karen Rice