My Story


My joy and passion is to help incredible individuals and proficient professionals like you discover a path to move past stress and barriers to better health; a path to increased energy, productivity, and clearer thinking.  It is my privilege to guide you in taking control of your whole-life health, so you can focus on what matters most to you in your life and career, while having more joy and fun along the way!

My path to here.

After 20+ years of corporate life I couldn’t help but notice the ever increasing level of stress and ill health among my colleagues and friends. I was certainly not immune. In my last corporate role, while commuting upwards of 4 hours a day in heavy traffic and being on call 24-7, I noted that my pain, exhaustion, and anxiety levels were getting dangerously high.

Boundaries between work life and everyday life were blurring and it didn’t seem like a separation between the two was possible. I had become so wrapped in doing, checking things off my to-do list and cramming ‘working out’ into every day, that i got lost. I was trying to fill a hole with money and achievement. I saw what everyone else was doing and I was caught up in keeping up.

I could barely breathe.

It felt like I  had someone sitting on my chest. I thought I would have a stroke or heart attack. I knew, and thankfully so did my sweet hubby, that not only was my physical wellbeing in danger, but so too was my mental health.  

I started asking myself some very difficult questions. Was any of this really worth it?  Was I enjoying anything I was doing at work, or even outside of work?  Was there any fun in any moment of any day?

Something had to change.

Although I was introduced to yoga at an early age, it wasn’t until I had a near death experience coupled with the realization that I was experiencing only a shadow of what life had to offer, that I came to see the full potential of mind-body wellness. Crisis time - it was no longer enough to go through the motions!


I started learning from Dr Bernie Siegel’s teachings (Love, Medicine & Miracles and Peace, Love & Healing) along with Geneen Roth (When Food is Love, Breaking Free from Emotional Eating). I followed the teachings of early meditation/mindfulness leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Roshi Joan Halifax, Jack Kornfield. I read every food/fad/diet book and countered with scientific studies research.

I dove in head-first to study healing. I continued my schooling with post-graduate certifications in integrative nutrition, yoga instruction, and as an international health coach. Additional studies in gut health and hormone health have come in handy as well.


I have been fortunate to do a great deal of public speaking in several of my roles, and I use this experience to educate and inspire groups about living our most well lives. My role as a teacher has been the most personally fulfilling aspect of my journey. Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping others gain control of their wellness once and for all.


I’ve worked to transform my health and my life - it’s a continuous journey that will never stop.  I will use my experiences, education, and skills to help you transform your life. I’m on my path and feeling better than ever before and I am determined to help you find more joy, more life, and more fulfillment.  Because you’re reading this, I know you’re ready, so LET’S GO!


Get to Know Me Fun-Facts:

  • I have been in a thriving marriage for over a quarter of a century…yes, we have had our roller-coaster rides, but all in all, we are one lucky, loving couple.
  • I know there is a well-life for all.
  • I am creative, curious, driven, loyal, interested, realistic, and thoughtful. I have yet to fully remove my rose tinted glasses – eternally optimistic.
  • I was an apprentice chef not once, but twice. Once in West Hollywood and once in Paris, France!
  • Yes, I lived in Paris (alone) and have traveled throughout Europe, Asia and the US with just 3 states left to visit.
  • There is nothing like an oceanfront walk or mountain hike, a deep conversation, a great read, an eye-catching work of art, most any kind of music and the sounds of a child laughing.
  • Cooking is solace.
  • Intelligence is grace when balanced with open-minded thinking.
  • My ménage: I’ve got the best three men in the world – two sons and one hubby - all extraordinary souls. My cup runneth over.
  • When will I have learned enough?…NEVER!
  • Sharing what I have learned on my own well-bent road isn’t a job - It’s central to my own wellness journey.
  • I’ve ridden a donkey, a camel, a horse, a llama, but “Wowza” is all that can be said from atop an elephant.
  • I’ve been lucky enough to be in some super show choirs, ‘cuz I just love to sing and dance.
  • I survived meeting a car windshield at over 35MPH and had an unspeakably ‘Other Worldly’ and joyous Near Death Experience.
  • I eat up to two pounds of veggies every day, sometimes roasted, raw, steamed, mashed, or likely a mix of all.
  • I have lived in six states and over a dozen homes.
  • Giving people the tools to own their wellness keeps me firmly grounded in my own wellbeing. 
  • …and, yoga has been my peace, my religion, my home for over 20 years and I gleefully have brought yoga from my mat into my life!


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Education: University of Oregon • Washington State University • Institute of Integrative Nutrition • Certified International Health Coach •Certified Yoga Instructor

Affiliations: International Association of Health Coaches, Yoga Alliance, Speakers International, Sarah Gottfried Hormone Cure